The Selection committee of the HMFF (Hamilton Music & Film Festival) has made it through all of their submissions and have selected “See Me Like This (Over You)” Official Music Video to screen at this years Festival on September 28th.

Published on Oct 1, 2013

Tim Deegan- Director/Editor
Asia Krol- Director of Photography
Leah Daniels & Bodan Mulholland- Producers
Tamika Jodrey- Makeup Artist
Julien Kelland- Lead Actor/Singer
Joe Bennett- Male Actor

Special Thanks to Kim & Mike Kelland.

Written by: Bodan Mulholland, Brett Simmonds and Julien Kelland
Produced by: Bodan Mulholland, Brett Simmonds and Leah Daniels
Recorded and Mixed at: Ineo Studios, Uxbridge Canada

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